Who is Kurt Lykes?

Kurt Lykes is one of the most sought-after vocalists in the Gospel music industry. His gifted, soulful and inviting sound is the true essence of genuine and pure devotion and worship. Beyond his talents as a gifted artist, songwriter, and author, Kurt has the passion and heart to infuse hope in every situation his listeners may be going through, transcending age groups and cultures. He is a published author of ‘Shots for the Soul’ (Volumes 1, 2, and 3).


Kurt has traveled and performed nationally and internationally with various artists for over 21 years, which has prepared him for his own endeavors in the music industry. For over five years, he traveled as a background singer with the Dove Award-winning artist, Helen Baylor. Kurt presently travels and co-writes with Grammy-nominated South African guitarist, Jonathan Butler. Kurt co-wrote the hit single ‘Brand New Day’ on Butler’s debut Gospel project also titled, ‘Brand New Day.’ Kurt also co-wrote the hit song ‘So Strong’ (along with six other songs) on Butler’s urban project ‘So Strong.’ Kurt co-wrote the single ‘I Stand on Your Word’ (along with five other songs), on Butler’s contemporary Gospel CD, ‘Grace and Mercy.’